MAGGI Cooking Showdown 2013

Congratulations to The Flaming Marshmallows who have made it through to the South Island Regional Cook Off. Angus (Rm 18), Grace (Rm 19), Noah (Rm 19) and Emily R. (Rm 22) designed a vegetarian dish of Chickpea and Vegetable Curry. We wish them all the best for the 28th June when they will complete against the other top 12 South Island entries. The event will be televised on the Erin Simpson show later in the month. Watch this space!

external image 045.JPG

external image 041.JPG

Special mention must be made of the other four teams who entered:

Team Name: Maggi the Magnificent
Dish: Creamy Chicken Sensation
Team Members: Louie (Rm 18), George (Rm 19), Felix (Rm 19) & Izzy (Rm 23)
external image DSC07201.JPG

Team Name: Smurfy Pasta Masterz
Dish: Messyanya
Team Members: Nicole (Rm 19), Maia (Rm 19), Brooke (Rm 18) & Georgia (Rm 18)
external image Screen+shot+2013-05-17+at+12.18.00+PM.png

Team Name: Salt & Pepper Shakers
Dish: Traditional Pumpkin Soup
Team Members: Ella C. (Rm 19), Dani (Rm 19), Kate B. (Rm 19) & Ruby (Rm 19)
external image IMG_1033.JPG

external image 2013-05-16+11.14.03.jpg

Team Name: Pizza Professionals
Dish: Typical Kiwiana Pizza
Team Members: Anjali (Rm 23), Freya (Rm 23), Kate D. (Rm 23) & Willow (Rm 23)
external image Pizza+Professionals.jpg

We are very proud of your efforts! The dishes look great!
Each of the team members have earned an Academic Success Award for their efforts.
National Young Leaders Day - NYLD//2013

Congratulations to the 11 students who were selected (by application process) to attend the National Young Leaders Day at the Air Force Museum in Wigram.
The theme for this year was 'Heroes'.

We were treated to a number of inspirational and entertaining speakers:

Jason Gunn - TV personalityChristian Gallen - Experienced youth communicator – Attitude presenterSam Johnson - Founder of Student Volunteer ArmySophie Pascoe - Paralympian and Gold MedallistCam Calkoen - Athlete and founder of the Carabiner Mentoring ProgrammeJamie McDell - Special guest performer

I feel very privileged to have attended the event with such a high caliber of students. A big shout out must go to...Ms McGowan...for organising our attendance at the event and for forfeiting your spot so that I could attend. You are very generous!Students who attended the event will feedback what they consider to be the most important points as they continue on their own leadership journeys.

Mrs Pateman :)
external image 2013-05-28+14.07.27.jpg

external image 2013-05-28+14.21.44.jpg
Hosted by Alice Gallagher & Jordan Vandermade

external image 2013-05-28+11.28.55.jpgJess (4th from the left) competed in a 'dance off' competition

external image Screen+shot+2013-05-28+at+8.24.42+PM.pngJust like in the superhero comics...

external image Screen+shot+2013-05-28+at+8.24.54+PM.pngThe 2nd speaker of the day discussed 'choosing your crew carefully'. Surround yourself with high achievers and you will succeed!

external image 2013-05-28+09.29.41.jpgThree of our up-and-coming Year 6 leaders - Nyah, Madoka & Ella.

external image 2013-05-28+09.30.30.jpgLeft to right - Kate (Head of the Communications Committee), Harry (Yr 8 Rep), Dom (Yr 7 Rep),
Maia (Head of the School Spirit Committee) & Nicole (Student Council CEO)

external image 2013-05-28+09.31.07.jpgRuby & Kate looking through the notebook before taking notes.

external image 2013-05-28+13.24.48.jpgMaia & Nicole - always on the positive buzz

external image 2013-05-28+13.25.02.jpg

Isabella (Head of Fundraising Committee), Jess (Yr 8 Rep) & Ruby (Glenelg House Captain)


Evolution of Dance - Week 8 Assembly Presentation

For our Week 8 assembly item we are planning to perform our own version of the Evolution of Dance. Judson Laipply was the original creator of the Evolution of Dance back in 2006. Many people have since adapted his ideas to create their own entertaining pieces.

What inspiration can we take from these? Get creative people!

If you are interested in taking part, please meet in Room 18 for our next meeting - Tuesday lunchtime Week 5.